Yandoll Is on the Clock

Idols have shown that there are many ways to wish your fans a happy new year. Epic live video? Announce new releases? Rebrand? Threaten to disband!

Yeah, Yandoll, who seem to revel in being sick, gutter idols anyway, have taken up one of those obnoxious “we need to sell this many CDs or Bad Things” challenges (thanks, Pure Idol Heart). The details are here.

Specifically, it’s 5,000 CDs sold by April. If they make the goal, they’ll hold a free one-man; if they don’t, somebody’s going to get fired (and “somebody” will be determined by lots, which is pretty great actually). There are additional incentives to purchase, though, probably because seeing somebody get fired by dumb luck is more of a motivator not to buy than to participate in the gimmick.

All the details are on that announcement page: Buy enough for so many tickets, get a hand-written poem from a member; at the most basic level, get slapped in the face; buy enough stuff, get either a reverse one-man (a personal performance) or spend the day at Disneyland with the members. And more!

To demonstrate their seriousness, here’s their promotional video for the effort, in which Yandoll mocks wota like it’s going out of style.

Tasteful anyway, though

I’d go in for at least one of the karaoke sessions, tbh. Yandoll’s a hard one to know for Westerners, but they seem like such safe, sane people to spend time with.

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