Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s ‘Lily’ Is Absolutely Perfect

Late last night, Yanakoto Sotto Mute tweeted out that they’d be releasing their MV for “Lily” after having shown it off at their live. Thanks for the warning — I need this.


I toss around that P word pretty often when it comes to YSM, but I mean it. From their sound to their look to their choreography, they’re like this incredible art project that exists purely for really awesome people like me to enjoy. If only there were an easy way to send them money!

Also, somebody do all the things necessary to make Nadeshiko a massive star without taking her out of YSM.

BUBBLE. It’s only a week and a little bit away now!

6 thoughts on “Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s ‘Lily’ Is Absolutely Perfect

  1. Yeah it’s amazing, it’s best group (musically) at the moment.

    My favorite is Nadeshiko as well but she’s not the most popular of the girls, I saw them at her birthday concert and Mammaya got more applause than her, not exactly sure if she did something in the past that made her a fan favorite.

  2. They remind me so much of Mason Book Girl and Sora tob Sakana….ethereal and soft but so likeable at the same time. Such a pretty song.
    I wish for many more groups like this. It was one of those groups i knew nothing about and when I heard them for the first time just recently, bam, one of my favorites.
    The world is ready for more of this, bring it!

  3. That explains a lot.
    So bungee jumping will be somewhere in their future no doubt, possibly into water.

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