Yanakoto Sotto Mute Unveil a New Member

Yanakoto Sotto Mute released a minute long MV on Sunday to tease a new song and, more significantly, their new fourth member.

YSM do everything in style and their newest member fits the mold, stalking the streets in black until she shifts to signature Yanamute white as her hand grasps that fourth mic.

So, meet 「凛つかさ」:

I’m not entirely sure how to render her name in Romaji . 「つかさ」is definitely “Tsukasa”, but the Kanji 「凛」translates into “Ryuu”, “Ririi”, “Rin”, “Rinka” and 179 other given names.  We may have to wait for more details or her debut on December 29 to know for sure when Yanamute will also be releasing their new song  as volume 7 in their NINE series of CDs. 

Between now and then, they will be flying overseas for a live in Bangkok, Thailand on December 21st.

In probably equally significant news as far as yura-chan otaku Nedeshiko is concerned, Echigon joined the unit for a recent show in Osaka sporting a custom-made Yanakoto Sotto Mute shirt. Nade-chan won’t ever forget this day.