Yanakoto Sotto Mute Release Stain MV and I Will Never Be Clean Enough To Deserve This

Dropping with the delicacy of a pure snowflake carrying all the weight of a blood red brick, Yanamute’s new MV for Stain lands hard and leaves a mark.

Uh, guys? I think Rena needs an ambulance.

The last 48 hours has seen a mad flurry of activity between April Fools Day shenanigans and the deluge of new album, tour and MV announcements once the new imperial era was decided. In the midst of all that chaos, this offering feels like a palate cleanser for the soul.

Stain was a standout song among almost universally strong tracks in the tryptic of “Humoresque” EPs. This MV, likewise, is a highlight in the group’s overall impressive video portfolio.  The unit’s signature white is worn by the snowy landscape, while the members are clad in blood red coats. This wintry setting is synchronized with the imagery of the song’s lyrics which frequently reference snow to build it’s metaphor. Except for one frame depicting two clasping hands, the members are entirely shown in cold isolation asking, “Imagine the temperature of loneliness and its melting point”.


Around here, we (well, Maniac and I) have long made the argument that Yanakoto Sotto Mute are the perfect modern idols. This MV is now Exhibit A in our increasingly strong case.