Yanakoto Sotto Mute Drop Three PVs to Devastate Your Mid-Week Productivity

The perfect modern idols have released three PVs in coordination with their announcement of a May, 1 DVD release. THE GATE Live at ZeppDiverCity  was filmed at their January 2019 one-man where Yanakoto Sotto Mute performed with the backing of a full live band.

The PVs include two songs from their recent Humoresque EP trilogy as well as and their signature hit, “Lily”, from the now-classic Bubble album. 

Seeing the playfully upbeat “Pastureland” with it’s dream pop drops accompanied by cheerfully derpy choreography adds a joyful dimension to a unit that spends much of its time expressing more melancholy emotions.

The power of that more portentous side is captured in a perfect rendition of “uronos”.  This is peak Yanamute.

As for the DVD, it has starting showing up for pre-order on Japanese web retail sites. Unfortunately, product details note that it is coded as Region 2 so those of us in the U.S. and Canada may have to take extra steps to play the disc or pray for a release in other formats.