Yamakatsu’s Rocking Renewal

The idol gods have seen it fit to bless us with even more good new stuff from good old units, friends. The Idol Formerly Known as Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen — now known as Yamakatsu — dropped an MV in advance of a later-this-month release:

“Survivor” is off of Yamakatsu’s eighth(!) single, “distopia”, the title of which alone gives me a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. GO DARK, VETERAN IDOLS!

Update: Both MVs!

Guess who wrote the song!

Here’s a full live launch event:

The really cool thing, though, and one of those little things about idol that will always make me smile, was the delivery of a gift from the factory where they filmed:

3 thoughts on “Yamakatsu’s Rocking Renewal

  1. Pssst.
    “Yamakatsu” isn’t a name change. It’s just the shortened version of the full name: “Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen” (^_-) Just like when you say YKG, it’s just an easier way to type it in Japanese, やまかつ rather than やまぐちかっせいがくえん or 山口活性学園

    ******** The more you know

    • Once again, my excitement to hold up namesy things for purposes of fun is poorly executed! Of course this man is right. He’s also Yamakatsu’s all-time greatest fan, so he has a vested interest.

      • Haha that is one of my many titles around here. I wonder how many other fans of YKG there are on here…

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