Wow, PiGU Absolutely Crushed This One

I’ll admit it, I was getting kind of annoyed with Osaka’s favorite cosplay cafe pop punk idols lately — Rino graduates, Momokan graduates, a little bit of live video trickles onto YouTube, but very little of note gets out publicly and I start to get kind of concerned because PiGU used to be good for a fresh single at the very least every few months, with MVs coming along basically whenever, and I didn’t go and get myself all invested in such a project just to have it die a typical idol death! No I didn’t!

Well shut my big stupid mouth. This is friggin’ great:

“Kimi no Mysterious Girl” isn’t exactly new, but it’s among the very best pieces in PiGU’s catalogue — including last year’s sneaky-good candidate for B-side of the Year — and the video’s really well done.

And that’s not light praise because I like them! It’s a really nice anthem, and it definitely lets the members shine. It also involves Momokan because production schedules are a pain, I know, which — Chris, help me out — is one of those rare times that a member has graduated and had her actual existence acknowledge by POP iD not just after the fact, but in an official capacity. (I thought only Rino would get that level of consideration.)

Well, I am quite satisfied with this result. Things at PiGU HQ are going pretty well, too, as they have their first Tokyo one-man coming up:

But doesn’t having a guest kind of make it not a one-man?

Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Wow, PiGU Absolutely Crushed This One

  1. From time to time PiGU’s manager tweets his exasperation with fans who want to talk about former members (like they, you know, “existed” and people “enjoyed” them) preferring that everyone focus on the line up as is. Indeed he tweeted to the effect that he was in two minds whether to upload this video as he wants to focus on the current duo but apparently decided it would be nice to commemorate Momoka after all. I expect having gone to the trouble and expense of producing the MV may have had something to do with it as well.

    But the usual churn aside, things do seem to be moving along positively. We were first given a December 2016 release for the new album but in the last couple of months we have finally seen some of this material and I am still totally hyped for it. Tokyo one man too!

    • I have a solution for the album, but it involves changing the name of the group to KEiKARiN, and I don’t know how the boss feels about that radical a re-brand this late in the game.

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