Would You Please Listen to These Spark Roadshow Tracks?

Man, do you guys remember Spark Roadshow? I was trying to remember where and why I knew of them, and then I remember their whole “marathon” business and nodded solemnly while giving “X-WOMEN” here another spin:

That’s good! But you might like these other ones even more!

Remember, they’re movie-themed, so titles like “X-WOMEN” and “Matrix” and “I’ll Be Back,” those aren’t just like that awkward dude on that terrible Swedish romcom thing that Amy Poehler’s brother did, the guy who could really only communicate via movie quote and it’s cute for like a minute in an off-putting way, but then everybody from the viewer to his girlfriend is just tremendously creeped out by it.

What a sentence

No, coming back to the point, those titles (and I’m presuming subject matter) are part of the theme of being movie idols. Or a massive coincidence, but more likely the theme. Also: “X-WOMEN” please.