Would You Listen to This Goddamn Lolisyn Song?

Sorry, YouTubers — I enjoy prying through your old uploads to find things that I didn’t know well before. In this case, Anagram Hound has a lot of dark idol B-sides and the like, and this caught my eye. With 564 REBOOT coming along soon, I thought it topical and also, hell, Wednesday is stupid. So enjoy.

24 thoughts on “Would You Listen to This Goddamn Lolisyn Song?

  1. Sweet. On a 1 to 10 scale, we’ll give a solid 8. -1 point for the screams(we don’t take screams)and -.5 for lack of guitar solo. Nobody ever gets a 10. Fantastic angelic voice doing the scale climbing chorus, a shame it only occurred twice. We could listen to that section in an hour long loop for days.*****Light Bulb Moment***** (proceeds to open Sonar).

  2. A few things:

    A. PLEASE REMIND ME WHY THEY ARE NO LONGER A THING?! This is awesome stuff…and I’m glad there is a reboot, the world needs more of this.

    B. To oppose Brother Jaxson: Idol needs more genuine harsh vocals, especially if it helps bring new ideas and sounds into the genre. Didn’t you just state yesterday that there is too much sameness now, and that we are reaching a saturation point? Because this kinda stuff sounds nothing like any other groups that I know of. Guso and Passcode are not as death-metal-y even with harsh vocals.

    C. Isn’t it interesting how many times the B-sides of a single are completely awesome and deserve to be a single in-and-of themselves? (I’m looking at you, Latest Single From Zenbukiminoseida!)

    D. I wanna know why the title is referencing a concept in algorithmic analysis…for reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P_versus_NP_problem

    • We would appreciate some clarification of the timeline of this artist. We are under the impression that this is an older track (circa ’13 or ’14 perhaps?). Since we don’t see them featured on this site,we would assume this era track was pre-disbandment. Maniac mentions a reboot of some sort, but we are clueless as to who is involved. If we can get a little info from our site host, we might use that info to further bat the ball around regarding our previous statement on genre saturation. We will agree that this particular track is quite unique for idols. The galloping double bass triplets are reminiscent of one of our all time favorites, King Diamond.

        • This track is over a year old. For now, we will stand behind our statement regarding the approaching saturation point. Our opinion is filled with lament for that inevitable day, and make no mistake, that day will come. Fear not, for an end to one cycle also means a new beginning for another.

          • I don’t know about saturation — while that’s as much the cause of all of this creativity as BiS and others creating space and proving that there’s demand, the ultimate effect would be roughly the same as in any other musical scene; even as it gets big and swallows up the main part of the pop culture landscape, it still has forces within it that are legitimately better / stronger / faster than the others, and they rise to the top (or their managers get them there, you know what I mean).

            And if it leads to something of an arms race, I’ll happily watch all of the fantastic material come from it.

      • Lolisyn started in 2013 with 2 members, I believe remnants of a group called 〓しましまSPANK〓 whose songs they still performed. In 2014 Natsumi left, so they hired Hiro and Halu who performed with Rina for a while as a 3-piece. Rina left not that long after. So Lolisyn was Hiro and Halu for 2 years, then they got graduated on 2016/2/28.

        Lolisyn REBOOT will debut on 6/6 – it will have 5 members, 4 have been announced and are known in the industry from previous jobs and have been doing activities as REBOOT like cafes/bars/DJing/chekis. REBOOT will have some new songs.

        A bunch of the other Lolisyn songs will be taken over by new group Killed In Sadness (KISS) which replaces Secret2x, which was a stripped down version of Secret7x, which was a short-lived PAC Idol Project supergroup consisting of members from Lolisyn, Princess Garden, and Candy||Stripe Neo, and which did songs from all 3 groups. KISS will get 3 original songs, also.

        • Thank you Jul, very helpful. Do you happen to know the era of this particular track? The upload date on the YT page is Sept 2015,however, we wouldn’t know if it was uploaded upon release of the track or long after. We are hoping you will see this reply, for it would be an opportune moment for us to thank you for the 30+ page thread at @JPHIP regarding Alice Project. The vast wealth of knowledge you provided there is more than any wiki page we could ever hope to find. Of course, we have subsequently been sucked into their entire concept and are enjoying every aspect of their insanity. Thanks again for all your help. Cheers

          • Hmm, well the CD was released April 2015. But then, sometimes they release much older songs. Eg/ their 2nd CD of 2015 had a 2013 song on it. And they have song(s) from 2014 not yet released…

            And my past as an AP fan continues to haunt me, eh?

          • Thanks Jul, we appreciate your insight. The only other question we would pose is how does one become a former AP fan??? We understand oshis graduating and fans often follow. along, but c’mon now, No Mask No Life.(;_;). I personally, am having a blast following their antics, very entertaining. Anytime you want to jump back in, we’ll reserve a seat just for you. LoL

          • (Replying to older message as it won’t let me reply to the latest one)
            Oshi quit last February. It’s not the same without your oshimen. Also, PARMS has changed A LOT since then. It’s really not the same experience as it was a couple of years ago. A lot of people have moved on – you’ll find ex-PARMS fans all over the chika idol landscape.

          • That’s understandable. Recognizing that we,here in the US, can only view the scene from afar, and have little knowledge of the scene on the ground. I tend to view AP as a concept in and of itself, of course we have favorite members, therefor we are able to refrain from becoming “idolisers” of individuals, and as members come and go, we remain as fans of the concept as a whole. Much like fans of sports team, regardless of who dons the “uniform”, most will continue to follow the “team”. It seems, from our distant perspective, that many groups have a constant revolving door of membership and it appears that many fans continue to adopt the new members and move forward with their overall intent. Enjoy your day

      • Croissant 2 was never, to my knowledge, officially released. I’m sure Jul will correct me (he went far deeper into Lolisyn… *mind out of gutter* than I did) but it was a very rare live only track. I heard it 4 times, I believe. Jul never believed me that it actually existed until he experienced it for himself.

        This is the live catastrophe that is Croissant 1 and Croissant 2 in a row: https://youtu.be/PvBDZGD9t-0?t=57m14s

        • I think I heard it live twice… that 2nd show I went to with you, where Hiro came out to the middle of the crowd and everyone ran around her during it (Zekkyou and DeathRabbits were also on)… it was after that I forgot it’s existence, cuz well, I don’t remember songs… but yeah, their last live I think was the 2nd time I ever saw it live… and yeah, it’s not been released on CD, kindof a shame, given there’s that voiceover bit with Halu and Hiro, hmm…

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