Would You Like to See 360 Video of Strawberry Painkiller?

The correct answer is, “Yes, Maniac, I would, for I have come to love Strawberry Painkiller nearly as much as you do.” Well done!

Yes, I love Strawberry Painkiller, and while the project doesn’t get out as much material for public consumption as one might hope, there are thankfully fans who can help to bridge the gap. In this case, this YouTuber very helpfully (and inexplicably — seriously, how?) shot and uploaded a pair of 360-degree videos from a live about a month back:

I mean, I’m a total mark for Ichigo and can’t even try to deny it, and the live sound has taken on a whole new dimension with the addition of … additional regulars for the band. If I accomplish nothing else in this world and with this goofy website, I hope I can raise some scintilla of foreign support for the Strawberry Painkiller project and convince them to make the merch available outside of Japan, whereupon I can purchase all of it for less than the price of a new car.

See? Awesome.