Wonder Lander Keeps Rewarding Me for Liking Them

This post is all messed up. It was supposed to be a straightforward celebration of all things Wonlan and their current releases and motivating you to give them a go if you haven’t already several times, written yesterday no less, except that I drafted the whole middle bit and left off the ends and now I can’t remember which witticisms were used to do what, so how about this: You go look at this MV, which is new to the Wonder Lander corpus, and you get all “oh neat I like this” as is appropriate, and then you continue through the post because there’s more to it, and if you can figure out the context for yourself then you win a prize, which will be determined by Chris at his convenience. So go for it:

This is a journey, man

Here are the details, which I share because they made it easy:

Their EP is out, too, and I encourage you to use it as your entry point into the kind of years-long Wonder Lander fandom that I personally have enjoyed.

Bizarrely, this song is not included thereon, but hey, we’re in an age of multiple concurrent releases, may as well lean into it.

I have nothing else useful to add, so this blog post is over! Go listen to Wonder Lander!