Wishes do come true: New Yukueshirezutsurezure MV

Today was a good day for fans of the blue, melancholic idol unit of Codomomental. While they announced their third album and its release dans (August 26!) a while back, they only just released its title, paradox soar, and its track list.

The new studio album contains five new songs, their recent singles as well as the solo songs of all members. Hue and Existence Metaphysical were previously released on the limited edition of exFallen, but have been re-recorded for this album.

The first track of the album was granted an MV, and it’s great! So, let’s talk Wish/~

This music video has a story (my favourite kind!) and it reminds me of my favourite era of Tsurezure and particularly the Ideology MV, with the girls wandering outside and encountering a meaningful other.

Komachi is having a lonely night and drifts off to sleep, only to wake up in the middle of a desertic environment. As she roams in the unknown environment, she encounters Mei Yui Mei, who warmly welcomes her and take her by the hand.

They have meaningful, long conversations off screen, and Yui Mei gifts a ring to Komachi, before gently but firmly force her out of the dreamworld. As Komachi awakens, dismayed, she notices the ring still on her finger, as a testament of events past, and she grins remembering them. One can only hope that Yui Mei, resident of the desert, will also find the disconcerted Kotetsu and Takara who are also astray in this phantasmagoric world.

This video being Komachi-centric is a treat for her fan, as the mysterious idol tends to be on the private side and tends to limit the amount of content she posts online. I really, really, really like her smile and being able to witness her softer expressions in video form quench the drought of my heart caused by the isolation necessary in this pandemic. (On that note, wear your mask when you go out. If you need a more stylish mask to convince you, tsurezure even released one, although it’s sold out at the moment)

The story is interspersed with the group dancing in punk outfits in front of a band. The stylists outdid themselves here, everyone looks positively amazing. Komachi loves dancing and has choregraphed several Tsurezure songs before. Seeing some of the moves, something tells me she is also responsible for this one.

The song itself is quite good, on the warm, hopeful side that characterizes the Botanical era of Tsurezure and it will certainly be in heavy rotation for me once the album is out.  My sole critique would be that the MV ends rather abruptly, to the point where I know it’s coming after watching it several times and yet, I’m still startled every time the Codomomental logo just appears without so much as a fade in.

If I was looking to convert more people to the gospel of Not Secured, Loose Ends, this song would definitely be a good candidate to ease them in. I’m looking forward to the full album!

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  1. I know what you mean with that ending. Its so jarring even after all the times I’ve watched the video. But not going to worry about it cause any day we get a live, info about a new album, and a new MV is a great day in my books! …and another live to come as well.

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