Will You Go Goo-Goo Ga-Ga For Baby♡♡Holic?

Well, this is certainly a thing that’s happening.

That’s Baby♡♡Holic, a group who revealed their presence just a few days ago. Naturally not much is known about them yet except they seem affiliated with Candye♡Syrup and their gimmick is “Adult women pretending to be babies”? I’m not even sure where they came from.  I was inexplicably already following one of the members despite her not being in any idol groups I was a fan of, who led me down the theoretical path of “Check out my new project”, leading me to this baby-themed idol group. I’m not sure what the Japanese reaction has been so far, but there’s certainly been some interesting feedback over on the English-speaking side:




Sometimes, you have to seriously wonder, have idol gimmicks gone too far? Judging from the horrified and baffled reactions on Twitter, maybe. Time will tell whether we’ll get the J-Pop equivalent of Melanie Martinez’s Crybaby album, or if the split reception to their theming will either push them out the womb to success or if it’ll send their cradle falling. I for one will probably keep watching them for now in a similar vein to how I primarily enjoy THE BANANA MONKEYS, with a morbid sense of “How worse can it get?”.

The preview clip we got seems to suggest their musical output will be something along the lines of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da (One friend also pointed out how the intro sounded similar to ZOC’s Family Name) but honestly, I really hope they go all-out with this infant thing. And by that, I mean they go full-on screamo on their music, as most babies tend to be. Intense, frenzied Hanako-san-esque screeching, while they throw toys and baby food at the audience. Because if we’re living in a world where baby-themed idols exist now, that’s the kind of baby-themed idols we deserve.

In the meantime, they’re having a challenge where each member needs 1010 followers each, if you too want to see where this goes.


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