WILL-O’, Still WILL-O’, But Like New and Improved

After several days of puzzling over tweets and off-handedly remarking things like “oh, I should remember to put that in the Weekender” and “wow, they’ve really come a long way in a short time,” ol’ Maniac here finally pieced together some stuff about everybody’s favorite Idol Formerly Known as Alloy Which Ah Forget It and, oh look, it’s kind of a big deal for them!

So last month, WILL-O’ released some “new” music, which was in fact an old petit pas! song re-updated with the most recent membership of the group that’s as close to a direct descendant of that group as it gets without having the same name, and it was cool and good. They stayed busy, though, as it was just the next round in a series (I love these) of monthly releases that incorporate not just new music, but sort of a soft reboot of the group, still called WILL-O’ but in this guise known as “O’currence”, which was rolled out yesterday at their company’s (Perfect Music) PERFECT SUMMIT.

Whew. You can get most of that from this tweet!

As a WILL-O’ fan, you may not be surprised to hear these!

As this is ostensibly a music website, it is required of me to note that oh man, music! and then round back on it, so: WILL-O’-Alloy-petit pas! has a very clear continuity, but that continuity is in the overall tone and mood and energy of the music, not so much its content. I find that this puts them in a separate league compared to so many of their peers, for whom It Basically All Sounds the Same After a While is too common a condition, but one that usually doesn’t get chased away by innovation because, idol being idol, there often isn’t a ton of reason to innovate, not even within the same confines of one’s conceptual space. This project, though, more than most, gets to perform music that definitely sounds like it’s coming from the same source, albeit a source that still has a lot of ideas about how to create from the same primal matter; unlike “Jump!!”, they’re not petit pas! material, and they’re not Alloy material, and you wouldn’t be wrong if you were to say that they’re not even immediately contemporary WILL-O’ material, but they’re also all of those things at once, because that legacy passes through time and yes develops, but is still that legacy, and man is it a good one.

There’s also going to be an extended tour to promote it all, culminating in a one-man in March. Good for them!

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  1. Not sure what you mean by new incarnation, O’ccurrence is just the name of the tour!

    Also Nono is on hiatus for health reasons.

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