Why You Love It: Su-metal’s Voice

If you’re at all familiar with Babymetal, you know Nakamoto Suzuka, Su-metal, the Queen, the Goddess. One of the first coherent thoughts that people have after discovering the group (you know, after the shock of metal-meets-dance-meets-teens) is “Holy shit, that girl can motherhubbard sing.”

To whit:

Yeah, I chose audio-only. You sometimes want a clean recording.

This isn’t a full Su-metal profile; we’ll get to that. I just wanted to point everybody toward a rather fascinating series of posts on Reddit from /u/bebii-metaru-desu, who seems to know a thing or two about singing, vocal training, Babymetal, Su-metal and, well, why that progression that we’ve heard over the last few years is only going to get better.

In fact, as a person who had this song be a deciding factor in becoming a full-on Babymetal fan and who has heard every recorded and in-person live version of that song over time, I can say that I am very excited to hear Babymetal’s new album (just a few weeks away now!) and how all of the members have progressed, but especially to hear just how highly we all should be ranking Su-metal not as an idol, but as a worldwide metal vocalist, period.

3 thoughts on “Why You Love It: Su-metal’s Voice

  1. You nailed it. Suzuka is the most talented rock vocalist alive, IMHO. If she keeps it up, she’s going to be the best rock vocalist of all time. I just laugh at people who say she’s not talented! Seriously? Ask any musician! Her voice is absolutely dripping with years of professional training and raw talent. You need about 60 seconds to figure that out!

    She is the best.

    I hope she does not master Soul singing as well, but if she does there are some stale, boring American pop stars that are going to look like amateurs all the sudden….

    Go Su!!!!!!!!! Keep slaying everything in your path!

    Rock on


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