Why Yes, I Did Enjoy the New Ishido Natsumi, Why Do You Ask?

This isn’t new-news or anything, and the fact that I’m writing it shouldn’t be news per se, either, because of all of the online gaijin wota, I can think of exactly one other person who emphatically supported Ishido Natsumi the same way I do (hi!), but it’s important that I make good on something that I felt strongly enough about like two weeks ago to create a post draft for.

Anyway, yes, the title of the post! And I’d like for you to enjoy it, too:

Last night was the last performance of her backed-by-a-band tour in support of this release:*

*I think; this stuff gets muddy for me really quickly

Natsumi occupies this weird space between “J-rock singer” and “idol the way you usually think about that,” which for me is a perfectly fine line to toe because here we are in the Year of Pour Lui 10 and one way or another, you should be able to enjoy both of those things simultaneously without needing a distinction. This is a music website, after all, so why belabor a strawman point? I say all of this, yes, to pad out the post and also to acknowledge an important factoid.