Why Hasn’t Anybody Told Me about Maplez Yet?

I was telling some people yesterday that this whole lousy site is this ongoing series of discoveries; every time I feel like the well has run dry, there’s something else to discover and swell my maniacal heart.

Enter Maplez (Twitter), who are another one of those “we show up on a lot of bills that include other groups you like, bro” groups that I finally got around to checking out this morning. And I’m very happy to say that this is a nice continuation of that PassCode post:

How fun!

Formerly known as Hiroshima Maple★S, they’ve been around for a few years and, despite having 10 current members, actually have twice that many ex-members, which may or may not mean that every idol-aspiring girl in Hiroshima who isn’t named Nakamoto has been a part of the group at some point.*

I do think that they’re reading the tea leaves and moving in a harder direction; their older stuff still had big, fat electronic beats, but came out either a little poppier:

Or maybe a little more like Perfume:

Still, I’m really happy to have looked in their direction today. To borrow from Pro-Pain, we need a little more death on the dance floor.

Not really.

4 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t Anybody Told Me about Maplez Yet?

  1. We always appreciate your dredging of the waters on the hunt for some buried treasure, and we always take a moment to entertain your discoveries. Unfortunately, this artist will not make the cut due to the fact that, based on the examples you provided, seem to be directionless and attempting to attach themselves to whatever successful trend may be occurring at a given time. It appears as they attempted the “Perfume” vibe to no avail, then someone in management said “hey, let’s get some distorted guitars in here, that seems to be popular for now.” When artists swing wildly in all directions in an attempt to hit at something, that tells us that their are not committed to an identity. This may be an example of what we previously described as the approaching saturation point, or as you stated a “the well has run dry”. It hasn’t yet, but it’s increasingly more difficult to find some originality. But you did hit it out of the ballpark with Lolisyn track(s). Pure Gold. THANKS. However, those tracks are at least a year old or even older. Please continue.

    • Methinks Brother Jaxson may have earned himself the title of Doomsayer with all this saturation talk (^_-)

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