Who’s in the Mood for NECRONOMIDOL Live?

From what I’ve seen across the idolverse in the last week and change, a bunch of folks were either just in Tokyo or are about to be in Tokyo, and they’re talking about their idol experience — saw so-and-so, got a great cheki, bought this merch stuff. And a bunch of people saw Necroma! Which, we’re very lucky that you made it home!

I doubt very many of them were at this show over the weekend, but maybe they can tell us about it from when they were at a show; if you’ve puzzled at all over the live performance of “ITHAQUA” since its triumphant appearance in our lives a little while back, this is for you:

In writing that out, I realized just how appropriate it is that “NECRONOMIDOL performing song live” is a difficult thing to contemplate. Very much like the ancient horrors that they sing about, it’s like comprehending how Necroma would turn a song about dying or death or a terrifying god of the cold is almost impossible — we can observe the music, or the MV, and we can see the members, but putting all of that together threatens to break one’s mind.

Neat! I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’ll probably never get to see pretty much any idols live, so every one of these videos becomes an important thing for me. And, you know, it’s Wednesday and work is going to be dumb, but I can at least have enjoyed this stuff.

Oh and DEATHLESS was great, remember, but was it the year’s best so far? Chip in!