Who Wants to Hear New Guso Drop?

Again thanks to a tip from Pukovnik Krv, Guso Drop revealed a new song at tonight’s / this morning’s / whatever performance (instrumental only).

Remember how the Gusos proclaimed themselves the heaviest idols in the world because BiSH was like “guess it’s time to honor the rules of our venues!”? And then we had a poll about who was heaviest and Babymetal people invaded it because heaven F-ing forbid that anybody ever out-do Babymetal at anything, so I threw out the results and gave it to Fruitpochette because they came the closest to earning it?

ANYWAY, if you’re going to call yourself the heaviest, this is a good place to start.

Guso Drop has done this before. They must be stockpiling material … like for an album!

More please.

5 thoughts on “Who Wants to Hear New Guso Drop?

  1. Man, there is so much I love about this group(band?)’s sound. So, so much. Just the right amount of heavy riffing, some chugs in it for headbanging, the synth to lighten the mood, and the RELENTLESS assault of energy. Can’t wait if they are stockpiling for a new album.

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