Who Survives the 2017 Homicidols Corenament Sweet 16? You Decide!

Welcome to the Corenament’s Sweet 16!

We had a rough go of things in the round of 32, friends, as a bunch of awful ruiners showed up and tried to ruin the whole thing. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t; what matters is that the Corenament continue as the Will of the People. Do some people try to have a bigger, louder voice than others? They sure do! And welcome to modernity, apparently.

So what do we have? Actually, it’s still a really great field, with plenty of potential winners and nary a dull matchup left to be decided. And just think of what the regional finals will look like in a couple of days. Exciting!

After the jump, the region-by-region breakdown of what’s left, and your chance to vote for who advances to the Elite Eight on Friday!

This round is open for two days, Wednesday and Thursday, and will close at midnight on Thursday

Harajuku is a nightmare. Babymetal took care of business so far, and their reward is the ever-dangerous (literally!) Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, who might have revenge for their fallen sisters as extra motivation; Aina the End and Pikarin at the bottom of the bracket is a collision of big voice and big personality.


As predicted, this region looked like Necroma’s to take without too much trouble … but Chitti has been conquering giants going back to her conference tournament, and she looks hungry. Megumi against ayukuma probably wasn’t the matchup that anybody expected to get from the region’s other side, but once anything has happened, it can keep happening.


We may as well just call this the Bracket Buster Region from now on; only You’ll Melt More! remains of the top four seeds. And the top of the bracket is where the real busting took place; Bucho used some kind of goofy business scheme to take down fan favorite PassCode*, and his reward is hard-charging #13 seed FRUITPOCHETTE, the FGCU Dunk City of the Corenament. One would think that YMM would have an easy time with Codomomental, but have you seen this region?

*Seriously, they were the runaway favorite in the bracket challenge. A bunch of people are going to be very unhappy!


The top region in the Corenament has become a violent affair, full of cheating and lies and lying cheats. Guso Drop thrives in such environments and remains on top, now to face friend to us all the Anonymous Translator. The survivor gets either our last bastion of goodness and purity, Yuimetal, or the living dead ghost girl with a toilet fetish, Hanako-san, who can make life miserable for anybody.


Good luck to all!

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