Who Had Any Idea That Chess Could Get So Brutal?

I mean, there are “brutal moves” in chess, but those are more you-idiot-now-I-can-destroy-you-in-two-moves kinds of things than you-son-of-a-bitch-eat-steel acts of frustration.

But anyway! Autumn has completely descended on Maniac Mansion, so rather than spend yesterday drinking budget beers and watching football and then cooking a seasonally appropriate three-course meal because that’s how we roll around these parts, I raked and blowed and digged and swore in front of the neighbor’s kids. Delightful! And I was glad that I added some brand-new idols to the playlist to distract myself from the six-inch cut I opened on my arm while being irresponsible with a box cutter:

Yeah. They’re called Checkmate (Twitter), hence the chess allusions. So brand-new are they that they debuted just the other day and smartly got live video onto YouTube almost immediately:

They sort of remind me of Under Beasty-plus-synths, and not just because of the warehouse video set that also might be the one that Guso Drop used for “Level” and they happen to be doing a version of the Guso Drop claw-hands thing. It’s musical. Right? Fine.

Once again, friends, I remind you that we are living in an age that’s just lousy with new idol units turning to various takes on heaviness and creativity. It’s a good ride.

3 thoughts on “Who Had Any Idea That Chess Could Get So Brutal?

  1. Not only are they a joy to listen to, they are also pretty active on the old Twitter. If not just with a like, sometimes even a return comment. One of the reasons I really like newer acts is their ability to interact with fans, even those from a far away land.

  2. I know DEEP GIRL may have had the look first but these girls’ outfits are awesome with the black tattered rock band tees and black skirts with black shoes. Great look.

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