Who Do BiS Think They Are? They’re an ANTi CONFORMiST SUPERSTAR

We’re in a new age – an age where we’re finally able to listen to new BiS releases and the good folks at WACK and Revolver Records have blessed us with an early streaming release!

After releasing several promo singles in the form of scavenger hunts online and in Tower Records, we’re finally getting the full monty! This is a big moment for international fans too, after little over a year this is the first BiS3 release we’ve been able to stream without resorting to proxies or committing fraud to get a Japanese music service account. You all gave your loudest wota chant and Revolver absolutely answered the call.

If you haven’t been keeping up with this iteration of BiS, this is an excellent entry point. Arguably their strongest release. The member’s vocal ability has improved vastly since debut and you can tell listening to the songs that the composers had a lot of fun making everything. From start to finish this is a mixture of grunge-y old punk style songs, quintessential j-rock ballads and the angry, gritty music that only BiS could do.

Picking a favourite is near impossible because everything is just too good. From Imitation Sensation’s emotional pleas to IT’S TOO LATE’s hysterical blending of heavy guitar riffs and screaming to CURTAiN CALL’s 2000’s pop-punk farewell, BiS continue to show why they’ll always be one of WACK’s most dynamic groups.

ANTi CONFORMiST SUPERSTAR is out to stream RIGHT NOW ahead of the release on the 19th. So there’s still time to get in some of those pre-order bonuses! Amazon’s cheki would probably look good on somebody’s shelf, ey?

Oh, and don’t forget to let Revolver Records know how much you love the new EP! They’re watching us with eager eyes.