Who and What the Hell Are the lyrics?

You guys, I swear I was minding my own business this morning, and then along comes ol’ Viz Major to ruin things and inadvertently provide the lede:

What the hell was that! I thought he was making up this whole “poetrycore” business too (I can sympathize!) until I bothered with a minute’s worth of homework, but yes, it’s true, and so is the Yuyoyuppe thing, and while the complete lack of individual identities suggests that the lyrics and not-use of the I word in any of their press does suggest that this may not be an idol thing, they’re published on an idol label (for Spotify, at least) and sound idol, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and also me an opportunity to bring this wonderful injection of beautiful pain into your lives.

They debuted with:

And just dropped:

Like, I’m terribly sorry to (*looks around) just about all of you folks who idol so earnestly so all the time, but this with all of its barely existing information and no discernible member identities is the new hotness. I’m transfixed. I need more! Like, anything more! Tell me about these people, what the project is for, who the members are, when the rest of their music will be released and how often so that I can schedule my life around it. Like, there is zero information and I’m extremely uncomfortable with it. This being a Yuyoyuppe thing, it could even be vocaloid and I simply cannot tolerate that level of uncertainty. I need more and I need it now! You should go follow them too so that we can go on this journey together!