While We’re on the Topic: Bee x SWAT

I alluded earlier to idols who kind of fit the parameters of the Friday Fun, and now I’m making good on that.

So you guys remember Honey Emperor from the other day? And how I was like, they have a sister group but honestly this bees thing? Well, this is the sister group, and the bees thing, it’s still a thing.

Specifically, armed bees

That’s Bee X SWAT (Twitter). Formed I guess about a year ago? IIRC. Sister unit to the other bees in Honey Emperor. I don’t know if they’re meant to be an actual SWAT thing or if that’s just a play on words and the guns are because they’re really the hive’s hit squad or something, but … I’m not casting aspersions, I swear it, I’m just pulled a little too far in the direction of Idol Is Completely Ridiculous on this one.

And I can’t even actually complain about the music, because it’s perfectly cromulent in the sense that most of what idols do is, and it’s loud, and it would make certain people I know unhappy because they don’t like good things like distorted guitar, and that’s really what this is all about, so.

Both of these videos are like a week old. The bee world is upon us, and it will smite us all, especially people who are allergic, because have you ever been allergic to a bee sting? It’s miserable. Now imagine if they’re packing heat.

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