Which Idol Is the True Chief Rebel Angel? Homicidols Investigates

The Devil. The Prince of Darkness. Beelzebub. Satan. All names traditionally used in the Western tradition to describe Lucifer, the fallen archangel, the leader of the rebellion against the god of Abraham. While certain esoteric circles have claimed Lucifer a character more in line with the Greek Prometheus, metaphorical bringer of wisdom and consciousness to humanity whose reward for disobeying the gods is eternal torture but all in all a positive force for mankind, it is nonetheless true that Lucifer is at root the embodiment of darkness.

So of course there are multiple idol groups claiming his legacy! The trouble is, which is true and which is an impostor?

The first contender for the title is … well, LuCifeR, this little-followed indie duo:

Are they evil? Of course they are, look how they dress:

Do they play the devil’s music? I don’t know. They don’t have a website and I have limited patience for scrolling through Twitter, and you go ahead and search “Lucifer idol” on YouTube and tell me how that works out for you.

They look the part, though! Are they truly evil? Are they the benighted lightbringers who may lead the bold of spirit to untold wisdom and arcane powers, or even just the crappy failed revolutionaries who got owned and tossed into a lake of fire for eternity? POSSIBLY.

Next up, a more likely pair.

Don’t let the white dresses fool you — these two are trouble, and they even promise “info” about Lucifer in their name. At best, they’re like Evil Jehovah’s Witnesses and will come to your house and offer you literature; at worst, they’re literally infernal missionaries who use the wiles of idol innocence to lure the unsuspecting into eternal wotagei. Just listen to the one called Kotomi singing.

Their mission also appears to be nearing completion; you may actually know these two previously as race car idols Echigo Sister GEEKS, close friends and confidantes of one Pure Idol Heart. A thinking person who’s on to the ruse may in fact draw the conclusion that all of this “purity” and “hot rods” and stuff is all designed to lure the unwary down a path of darkness.

Between the two of them, who is the true Lucifer? Perhaps the answer lies not there, but with this girl, who goes as Satan:

A superficial examination seems to determine that she somewhat resembles the idol known as Pikarin, who is in fact a 20,000-year-old demon, which hints at a possible relationship with the actually infernal, but it is important to examine the music to determine the exact degree of diabolical that any idol descends to, and this is where Satan falls.

This exercise clearly warrants more investigation. Stay tuned!