When YouTube Recommends Something Called ‘Paralyzer,’ You Listen

You know that I’m fond of just letting YouTube make me a playlist and seeing where that goes. The service, though, is sometimes a little more aggressive in its recommendations: I had this presented right at the top as “Recommended for You” three times in a row the other day. OH OKAY SURE WHY NOT.

Thanks for the translated lyrics!

Meet 時代加速装置@’mE (Twitter), which … New Era Accelerator @’me? I’m basically taking Google and giving it a common sense approach here, that next-gen thing being their thing. Please do clear it up if possible. Maybe I’ll just take a page from their URL and call them Jidai at Me? Help.

So goddamn you guys, has the revolution already been won? “Hi, we’re a new idol group, and we’re just up and going to be like it must have rock in it or bust bye!” This is taking a huge page out of Q’ulle‘s book, but that’s okay; if you want to have more straight-up rock-inspired idols, I don’t think anybody is going to complain about that.

I think this is their first single, as all of their video content to date is basically building to it, but an overall look at their stuff tells me to keep an eye out for more.

5 thoughts on “When YouTube Recommends Something Called ‘Paralyzer,’ You Listen

  1. In Japanese:
    Jidai Kasoku Souchi at me

    時代 = era, epoch, trend, … ?
    加速 = accelerate, speed-up
    装置 = device

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