When You Friday Fun to Make Ends Meet

Summer is almost over! Thank god. No offence to those of you who love summer, but I just can’t handle the sweat, bugs and hayfever, so I’m hyped for autumn. Plus, we’ve got the new Necroma album in autumn! Am I rambling? Sorry. On with last week’s Fun highlights:

It’s no secret that many idols, especially underground idols, have to work secondary jobs to make ends meet. As Pour Lui has shown, even big names don’t normally make that much compared to most western celebrities. So this week, we come up with some adequate side jobs for those idols who might need a little extra help lining their pockets this week. After all, being an idol can provide you with a variety of unexpected skills for any career path! This week’s hashtag is #IdolSideJobs and lets hope our oshis don’t really need to apply to one of those.

(Update: Surprisingly, this was actually written before this other thing that I’m writing about happened. Seriously!)