When That wyenra MV Starts Your Morning Off Right

Oh dang, stop the presses, for we have a hot new wyenra MV to enjoy!

Doing this idol thing as a first step in the morning is tough sometimes. Waking up to various notifications is a mixed bag at best, and whether I’m able to process right away or get my writin’ fingers limbered up in time to do something meaningful before the long-ass commute to Day Job is a dicey proposition of its own anymore. Some things, though, are easy to fall into, and my personal breakthrough candidate for 2019 just so happens to be one of them. When folks tweet about wyenra stuff, I’m immediately paying attention.

And so! New MV. It took me a second to figure out what I was listening to, this coming as it does not from an upcoming release, but from their first single, which was released more than a month ago now but that’s okay, Codomomental releases videos on a schedule best described as When We Feel Like It and that seems to work, and plus, imagine being self-produced and managing a whole professional-level operation. That’s the accomplishment here.

Actually, imagine being self-produced and finding the resources to do this, period:

Now that’s a fun journey. As a person who’s listened to like 0.01 percent of all vocaloid ever written — and approximately 90 percent of that for Hatsune Miku — I kept finding similarities to favorite composers’ work, but on top of that are some really great innovations on idol vocal tropes (that chorus kills). This says nothing of guitar leads that you usually only run into in ironically in a post-grunge world but, come on, that schizoid twist between the solo and almost everything else practically tells the song’s story for it.

My, uh, 2019 preview post got delayed by a little bit and is now, um, rolled into something else that publishes at the end of the week, but I make a particular reference to wyenra and suddenly feel very validated. They’re on to something.