When Monkeys Become Goats

Last we heard of the infamous BANANA MONKEYS they had vanished, seemingly for good, following the graduation of their last founding member, Tenka no Chanyuki. “What now?” several of us cried. “How can we, as idol wota, possibly go on without Banamon’s primal reign of homelessness, sex work and whatever the hell that one music video was!?”

Well, you could just watch any episode of Hollyoaks for that, but if trashy British soaps aren’t your thing, you can rest easy, because Banamon are back! Sort of. The remaining members are back, with a new girl, and they’re not monkeys any more. In fact, they’re a completely different species! Welcome, BLUEGOATS.

A rather flashy new look for what was a group previously known for selling their used bathwater, huh? Don’t worry, given that sufficient porn-reviewing was one of the audition requirements for prospective goats, its safe to assume the spirit of Banamon won’t be going anywhere.

Anyway, go ahead and check out their first song as an all-goat unit, it’s not bad. Maybe needs more screaming, but not bad.