When It Comes to Making Idol Fans, It’s All about the Fans

Good morning, you goofballs! As you know, our community is growing, and with that growth comes the feeling that many of us have: Holy crap I need to share this with other people!

You know about the podcasts; there’s A-to-J doing the Lord’s work for all things Japan, including lots of idol, and the Alt-Idol Podcast is still churning and growing, too. Subscribe, watch, listen, learn and, above all, interact.

There are other ways to spread the word, too. For instance, as Daemon likes to do, you can host a panel at a convention:

Have you seen? It’s time for the Homicidols Fund Drive! At least pretend to cheer!

If that’s not your thing, I also recommend this approach wholeheartedly — remember when Travis announced these (potentially) recurring listen/game/socialize parties? Here’s the set, which I’m definitely jealous for having missed and will probably only get to experience vicariously!

If you need help with IDing any of those songs, ask Travis in the comments!

Be inspired by these things, guys. Think of how you can get out there and communicate about these idols, and this music. The sky’s pretty much the limit! Including websites filled with occasionally inaccurate information and bad jokes!

Today’s a big one. The Corenament final is coming up shortly, plus a new initiative that you’re probably going to dislike immensely, but that’s okay because I’m not much of a fan of it, either.

Happy Monday.

5 thoughts on “When It Comes to Making Idol Fans, It’s All about the Fans

  1. Holy shit I’m so glad i found this site, I’ve been clicking around the last few days and now I found out about this Deathidol event that’s only a half hour drive away?? I couldn’t be more thankful

  2. Hi everyone! Thanks to the Maniac for passing along my lil gigs in these posts. The next event is Sunday April 30 8pm!
    The footage in the YouTube link above is actually the 2nd DEATHiDOL show! I have footage of the 1st but it is cell phone footage as we did not have the built in audio/video stream at the bar yet.
    This is most of the 2nd show as there was an audio glitch on the first 30 minutes of footage.
    Thought I’d come by to explain and shill a bit.

    What is DEATHIDOL?
    DEATHiDOL is a monthly theme night featuring alt-idol music played by a live DJ. Hear new music you will not hear played in any other bar or club, meet like-minded fans and help us grow the community, dance, enjoy the fine food and beverages both alcoholic and non on offer by the venue, stay entertained by their massive variety of games both video and traditional.

    When is DEATHiDOL?
    DEATHiDOL is the last Sunday of each month. Alt-Idol DJ set starts at 8 pm and typically lasts just over 2 hours. Feel free to come in early or stay late after the set to socialize and enjoy the bar or both! I’ve been known to spin jpop/kpop before/after the alt-idol set.

    Where is DEATHiDOL?
    The Grid: Games and Growlers
    525 s. Gilbert Rd
    Mesa Az 85204

    How much to get in? Any age limits?
    No cover charge for entry. Must be 21+ to enter. Under 21 allowed until 10pm with parent/legal guardian/spouse.

    Why Sunday? Why not on a better night like Fri/Sat?
    Alt-Idol is still a very niche interest. If we can get a crowd of 50+ to show for one of these events I can make a serious case to the owner for hosting on a busier night. Until then we work with what we can get.

    If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me here, on Facebook, through the event page, whatever works.

    Thanks again everyone for supporting this awesome genre!

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