What’s Your Idol Dream?

With the exception of the handful of jackanapes who find their way to this site looking for Kamiya Erina porn on a daily basis, pretty much everybody here is a big fan of idols and their at-times-inexplicable performances. Beautiful and brutal, powerful and provocative, idols are fascinating. Also a little weird and terrifying! Kerrie and I misconnected on Friday when I started the nominations thread, but we will not fail to continue to plumb the depths of idol madness!

Happy Friday Tuesday everyone! Sorry it’s a bit late; I was on an expedition to every Brazilian waxing business in Japan in order to find the legendary Hug Me. Did she really exist? Is she a divine entity right now? Did she absorb the only SiS member to not join GANG PARADE in order to become an even more powerful force? Who even knows? Speaking of idols who wrote for porn blogs, last week’s gif party was all about the best of perverted idols! The winner is …

Wow, you’ve got me all flustered! So flustered in fact, the latest gif party is cancelled! Instead, I was inspired by some Twitter conversations this week; I wrote about some BiSH-related dreams I had, and in response some of my lovely followers responded with their own dreams. And that’s when the idea popped into my head.



So Salem did it …

That’s right, this week we want all of your idol-related dreams!

Either post in the comments or summon us through Twitter under the hashtag #IdolDream, and we’ll post the best ones on Monday.*

Just don’t get too graphic with the sex dreams, okay? I know just having groups like BiS on here automatically denies this being a family blog, but we don’t want to go all-out pornographic here (that’s what Hug Me’s blog is for).

[Maniac: There are tasteful ways to discuss these things, people!]

Sweet dreams!

*And to give you a taste of what’s coming for Halloween itself, we’re going with #IdolNightmare. Get your gif makers and Photoshop warmed up, because this sucker’s going to be a contest. Intro post coming Friday!