What’s Old Is New Again: BiS Classics Redone by New BiS

I should’ve seen this one coming: With the new group’s new first album Brand-new idol Society2 (yep!) coming out in a little over a month, BiS was going to be releasing something soon, and in this case it’s a whole mess of their classic songs re-recorded with the new members:

That’s like the 75th different official version of “nerve.”

You may recall some of these from that thing we did; I haven’t listened yet and am on my way out the door. So tell me, dear readers: How do they actually sound?

9 thoughts on “What’s Old Is New Again: BiS Classics Redone by New BiS

  1. My first thought was “oh they are going to rerelease the first album but with new vocals, oh WACK you crazy troll”. But listening to the songs it sounds like some of them have rerecorded some of the instruments or maybe even the whole track. Nerve in particular sounds like a completely new version.

  2. I’ve listened to IDOL enough times to know the instrumentals have been re-recorded yet again, and once again it’s fire.

    Well, this’ll be my morning playlist then. I love how they’re using the same Youtube/Soundcloud accounts they had pre-Avex back in like 2012. They’ve got to claw their way back up to the top with their indie social media accounts.

  3. nerve sounds very different, but I have to admit that I miss Nozomi’s voice on that one. primal. sounds GREAT. My biggest thing right now is that while they don’t suck (and after those live performances….. thank god) Pour Lui’s voice absolutely dominates everybody else’s.

    • Just listening to nerve now; I’m glad it sounds as different as it does! This is a pretty good selection of tunes to reboot.
      Speaking of Know Your BiStory, I hadn’t heard that PPCC b-side, “歩行者天国の雑踏で 叫んでみたかったんだ” at the time of our writing and now I’m pretty sure it would be in my top choices. How did that not make it onto their best-of?! Big ups to Garry for pointing that one out!

  4. Reposting my Facebook comment:

    Well to start off I am a big Yuffie fan so it’s very very different to hear the songs that she was in without her voice. She was always my favorite. These new recordings are actually pretty good. And yeah Aya was awful at the JAM EXPO and that hurts to say because I really like her. She has this unique sound and vocal inflection to her voice. But she was good here. I like Peri-chan but she was definitely chosen for her “kawaii factor”. She’s like Pour Lui’s little sister. Maybe she will get better as it goes on. The “BiS” song sounds really good. Still think “BiSBiS” should be a Pour Lui solo since she practically dominated that song since it’s release.

    Side note: “primal” is nothing without Yuffie. Nothing! LMAO

  5. OK I understand that in Japan they like to maximise the loyal fan base by releasing multiple CD singles for the same track for example and each CD costs a lot more then it does here. Also paying for photos of the band at events etc all helps to maintain revenue streams and I’m fine with that and I think we are over cynical about that in the west, considering how many of the bands I like over here can’t afford to carry on recording and releasing new stuff so just disappear, but this seems maybe a bit too far. I tend to prefer the songs how I remember them the first time and stuff like the Urya-oi!!! And the BiS Kaidan albums (which is basically the original recordings with random noise mixed in) don’t appeal to me. I think doing it all again is maybe pushing it at this stage, but I feel if people want to spend a lot of money and it is alot of money considering how so much stuff released in the west is on Spotify the day of release, is up to them and if it allows the scene to survive and encourages so many other acts who are now out there releasing some awesome music, that’s fine with me. Before I want to Japan I had never spent more then £5 on a CD single. Over there I brought Deadman by BiSH for 8 times that amount, and I did get a live DVD and a photo book which was basically pictures you would see them post on Twitter, but I’m a grown man and I can spend my money on whatever I choose and if it leads to stuff like Killer BiSH getting made I’m happy to do so.

    • I’ve been thinking about this new album having so much re-issued, and I think I get why now; they’re really only doing an indie release on Tsubasa so they can prove that it’ll sell. Their first-first album didn’t sell all that well, but they still got the Avex deal on the strength of their singles and ticket sales, so a new album now just needs to sell enough to get (probably) Avex to commit. I base this largely on comments that Watanabe made when he was still planning BiSH, that he knew the label situation would work out if the product was any good because of BiS’s cultural and media weight. So that may be the thinking here: Sell a good album with good songs, don’t try too hard because a lot of the classics are owned by Tsubasa anyway, and just focus on making the group good and effective for the time being.

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