What’s in a Name? The Friday Fun

Good morning/afternoon/evening/time is a social construct, I hope you all had a fun week! I certainly did, looking at all the hilarious #CocoReacts edits you guys came up with last week!

You know what a downside to being an idol fan is? Well, actually I could list quite a lot; spending too much money, body image issues, becoming too attached to a member before they inevitably disappear into obscurity, constantly questioning your own life choices watching 12 year-old Japanese girls be more successful than you’ll ever be in your life…

…I’m okay. I’m fine.

But let’s focus on this one downside before I stumble too far into the self-loathing rabbit hole; names.

Why do so many groups have awkward names? I’m sure they don’t sound too bad in Japanese, but for western fans, it just brings confusion. Looking up BiS brings a (admittedly pretty good) Scottish band, BiSH brings Nicki Minaj memes (of which I may have exploited on my store before, HINT HINT), googling Country Girls doesn’t bring the cutest song of 2015, it brings compromising photos of scantily-clad ladies in cowboy hats! You have no idea how relieved I was at the news that TWICE changed their name because that meant I’d no longer get them mixed up with a certain K-Pop group that’s all over my Twitter feed at the moment. Angerme don’t look angry at all.

I think you know what I’m getting at here. Inspired by the trend of idol names that don’t translate well with Western fans, I want you to imagine an idol group and then give them the stupidest or most embarrassing name possible. Or even rename a current group into something terrible. And then I want you to tweet those idol names and hashtag them as #BadIdolNames and see what happens! Have fun!

4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? The Friday Fun

  1. I’m fed up of searching for PiGU and Google, Amazon and Twitter assume I MUST have meant a certain claymation penguin, every flipping time.

  2. PassCode gets you lots of info on how to crack an iPhone.
    And for some reason The Christian Science Monitor.

  3. This is a total problem with Japanese music in general. Way too many generic names that are completely unsearchable. Some from just looking at the Japan Hot 100 today: DISH//, TWICE, C & K, JY, etc.

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