What’s Going on with Deathrabbits? I Don’t Know, Either

Before I even start, yes, I do sometimes think, “What up with Deathrabbits?” After the debacle that was the Corenament final, my heart started to open to them, and their dedicated champions in the West made sure that news was always available, and I even liked their album. But then things got quiet, and I stopped paying as close of attention, and … well, then Friday happened, leading us here to the other half of Death of Death Pop Sunday!

Jul gets the credit for the tip in this case, too, though it was ultimately Char T Saki and Phillter who parsed out these somewhat confusing details.

First, this tweet:

If you follow through to the Natalie.mu story, it doesn’t get much clearer than this: Bucho is out. Fired? Quit? Who knows? The constant references to noodles aren’t helpful.

Our friendly neighborhood Japanese speakers provided not-exactly-conflicting explanations, that … well, Bucho is out, and Deathrabbits are dead, but there seems to be some sentiment for Emi, Karin and Yuzu to continue on.

Those Deathrabbits fans who didn’t bail, what are you reading out of this situation?

9 thoughts on “What’s Going on with Deathrabbits? I Don’t Know, Either

  1. The first thought that pops into my mind: Publicity stunt?

    Sorry, i tend to think everything regarding idols are publicity stunts until i am proven wrong, especially when it comes to the more underground variety.

    Honestly, Bucho running around in that psuedo nazi uniform is something i could well do without so if he is gone, good. If he is also the one responsible for the creepy stuff like the weird, sexy anime lady representations of the extremely young girls then double good. Creeped me the fuck out.

    And then if he is really fired one can’t help but wonder why… The article seems to say something about a collaboration with a ramen factory that went wrong? Is this a joke or something that actually happened?

    I can’t even tell anymore.

    Prediction: Deathrabbits will continue with Ladybeard replacing Bucho.

  2. Serves him right for distributing black ramen 😛

    Then again it’s their standard promotion for the new live. Bucho is always threatened to be ousted and he always finds a way to stay in.

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