What Won’t Idols Do for Attention?

Kerrie’s on a roll, and she even references a game that keeps getting pushed back because of other events; suffice it to say, folks like to have fun, and idol is fun. Take it away, @weeaboowitch.

Hi everyone! Let’s just jump right in; the theme of last week’s party was a controversial one, for sure. I don’t think I’ve quite forgiven Watanabe yet. Maniac is making us do a run so we too can experience the suffering on a much, much more tolerable level, because unlike Watanabe, Maniac isn’t Satan. For extra effect, be sure to live inside your car (or a closet if you don’t drive, I guess) and only eat rice from now until the big day itself!

But back to the point of last weeks gif party, anger really does fuel some quality memes, and last week’s #BetterManagersThanWatanabe event had some excellent responses. We even made it onto other sites!

But the Watanabe-memeing doesn’t stop there. Well, sort of. This is more based around idol in general, but lets face it, most of you will be thinking of BiS in this week’s hashtag party. At least, I sure will.

I actually wanted to wait a bit before starting this one, what with all the drama from last week, I wanted to give the Watanabe jokes a breather. I even wrote an entire article for a totally different event, but that somehow got lost in the vast black hole that is Onedrive, so out of frustration and not wanting to write the same thing all over again, I thought “screw it, WACK is still on everyone’s minds but at a less murder-y level than last week, this’ll probably work. Besides, we can use this to fit literally any idol group”.

What is my request for this week? Idol publicity stunts. I’ve said many times before that I think I can come up with better stunts/events than Watanabe, whether that be making BiS dig a hole to throw him in, or arranging special VIP tickets for BiSH shows costing $1000 that guarantees the holder to be the poor (or lucky, depending on how you see it) guy that gets dragged on stage and beaten during “TOUMIN SHOJO”, so hey, lets make an entire event based on just that.

Not into Wack groups? Tell us what you’d make maybe Necronomidol or PassCode or whoever do for attention!

To get your mind going on what we’re after, here’s me and @yameruidol were predicting what the then-upcoming Gang Parade announcement that thankfully turned out to be a new tour and nothing scary like expected. Yep, we want crazy ideas like that

Send us your ideas under the hashtag #IdolPublicityStunts, and the best will be shown next week!

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