What the Hell Just Happened?

I’d seen this PV making the rounds since yesterday, and I just now got a chance to take a look. What.

This is Mikazuki Maria, and it’s arguably the greatest troll job, on-point commentary or messed up cultural salvo in a good long while:

I’m not going to type the words for the title of this song onto my website!

Drinkin’ booze, smokin’ cigarettes, singin’ all kawaii … and if the title means what I think it means, calling out a bunch of old perverts (or perhaps establishing herself as one of said old perverts!). All shot as simply as possible, involving only simple props and probably edited in iMovie or something.

I mean it when I say that the first thing that I thought about in hearing the song was OG Ladybaby, or maybe current Ladybaby, I’m not sure. Quite death poppy, though, and I kept expecting to hear a harsh male vocal out of nowhere, possibly just an emphatic.

Her first single was a total ear-blisterer:

I must know more about this girl.

Oh, and happy Sunday.