What the Hell Is Happening with Bakuon Dolls Syndrome?

Jul noticed this last night, and the Google translation isn’t very good, but it sounds like something bad-bad-bad happened related to Bakuon Dolls Syndrome. I would very much appreciate any help translating this:


この度、BDS recordsは、月城ひまりがAS企画に所属するにあたり、月城ひまりから長年の信頼・信用を損なう偽言、背任行為を受けました。


BDS records代表
Murakami Hirokazu

This is your reminder that BDS is cool and very promising and, because they have some kind of relationship with the demonic clowns of Bokura no Oyugi, very possibly vessels of evil.

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  1. It can not be concluded only one side of the story , but …

    Bakuon Dolls Syndrome was moved to AS Planning from BDS records.

    However , Himari said bad things about BDS, and there has been a breach of trust.
    In addition , moving had been promoted in secret for BDS.

    For this reason , BDS has banned the use of the group name, music, and other copyrighted material .

    It seems to have already been removed from YouTube.
    In any case , the solution will take a long period of time.

    • I don’t know if it means anything, but I tweeted the members last night to ask if they were okay, and they all Liked the tweet. Obviously, idols will do that just to acknowledge the message that comes in a language that they don’t understand, but it’s also possible that they did understand and didn’t want to communicate openly.

      • They had moved the management office. Record company is not moving.

        Mr. Murakami, BDS records CEO? , is very angry.
        If he is a provisional disposition application for music use stop to the court , they (called Bakuon Dolls Syndrome) will not be able to use the misic that was created until now.

        I hope to be amicably resolved until mid-September to resume the activities.

        BTW many Japanese can not speak English , but can often read and understand if it is a simple. for example “is everything okay?” 😉

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