What the Crap, You Guys? Marbles Broke Up

You all should just be thankful that I walked myself back from a “lost your Marbles” pun

This is dumb, bad news, you guys. Remember Marbles? Remember how it was like “oh neat, hardstyle idols, one of a kind!” and there was much praise? Well, on that original post, this happened:


Here’s their last live, which was yesterday:

This was in my YouTube recs when I was listening to TYR; makes sense

I really do, I swear, prefer to put graduations and disbandments into the Weekender, but this is of the aw-nuts variety; it’s uncommon that debuts actually get people a little excited, and it’s at least as uncommon that debuts are genuinely kind of unique.

Oh well.

They weren’t around for long, but they were around for long enough to inspire a guitar cover:

Which, as we know, is basically the highest of compliments.

Sayonara, Marbles. And happy Friday, you bozos.

3 thoughts on “What the Crap, You Guys? Marbles Broke Up

  1. *sighs for one entire day, from sunrise to sunset* Okay.
    Well, two hardstyle idol songs were more than I could have rightfully asked for, anyway. If somebody was Truman-Showing me and using my brilliant ideas, then somebody else was Reverse-Truman-Showing me and smashing my dreams as well.
    Maybe Saeri will go all in and form a gabber idol group, then.

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