What Is Kamen Joshi Trying to Tell Us?

Hot off the heels of their big performance at Saitama Super Arena, the Alice Project’s Kamen Joshi is apparently ready to conquer the damn world:

I love love LOVE these hokey videos

I never thought I’d be a tiny bit afraid of Tachibana Anna, but there you go. Does anybody have any insight into what this is all about? Will I be able to buy tickets to their stadium show in a city near me?

One thought on “What Is Kamen Joshi Trying to Tell Us?

  1. Very simple, “Lead, Follow, or GTFO of the Way. We’re planting our flag right here M*****F*****S, and there’s 17 bitches right behind me, all of them are armed and prepared to destroy”. That’s what the video is implying(;_;). As I was reading some of your older post, you stated that Necronomidol is special to you because they were your 1st discovery after BM. Alice Project is special to me in the same regard. Peace

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