What: IDOL IS WACK Is Happening

Okay, that was fun. I made two people cry and managed to offend an idol’s staff. Great day! #AprilFools

For your pain, here’s a nice gift: The “DEADMAN” art.

I’ll keep this here as an archive, but please do not believe that WACK is taking the entire BiSiverse (and friends … and enemies) on a world tour. At least not this year.

This is not a drill. There is going to be a BiSH-led world tour beginning in June. They’re bringing the whole family with them. This is insane.


Here’s the link. Look at this map: 


Starting in June, BiS and POP are going to be leading this traveling idol madness carnival in what looks like two waves, one to the Americas and Europe in June/July, then a re-start for Africa(!) and the Pacific Rim locations beginning in September.

AAAAAAAHHHHHH it’s in New York on July 8! I MIGHT BE THERE ANYWAY! Somebody get me some aspirin. WOULD UIPON SWEAT ON ME?

I don’t know about anybody else on the bill, but BiSH has got to be working that around the Less than Sex tour dates, or maybe even incorporating it on the back half. I dunno. Jesus. I’m literally breathing hard just thinking about this.

Here’s the Google translation of the detail:

Three months together want to go do not! But the BiSH and the POP ready pranks over the seas making. Puffy nipples [Maniac: ?] sure not know, maybe more. Asia not pleased but soon. Gonna be a WACK! Berha to join, Gudro heavy idle & 60th scream! Old the BiS all to make though. Thank you in advance!

I’m going to update this as more information comes out, but here are two of the tweets about it:


Official BiSH page. Confirms:

  • BiSH (obviously)
  • POP
  • Billie Idle
  • Lui Frontic Akabane Japan
  • Maison Book Girl
  • Ten Tenko
  • BPM15Q
  • Terashima Yufu (!?!)
  • PassCode (U.S. only)
  • Bellring Girls Heart (I think starting late)
  • Guso Drop
  • Screaming Sixties

I can’t believe this is real. And is it saying that there’s at least some kind of working relationship between WACK and Daichi now? Even after all the kinda-shit-talking?

First Summer Uika, who is magic made human, has not yet tweeted about this, but I don’t care — if my best chance to see this lineup perform live is on the day that Mrs. Maniac is giving birth, I’ll still be at the show and screaming “UIPON!” the entire time (like, even when Billie Idle isn’t on stage).







You don’t believe me, right?

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