What Did I Do to Deserve These Bokura no Oyugi Videos?

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: When you wake up in the morning and see that you have a DM on Twitter and it’s from Phillter and the preview is just the “Sent a link“, you’re probably about to get something really cool.

I mean that title to be nuanced, by the way.* One, I feel like I’m not good enough for these gifts from Bokura no Oyugi; on the other hand, what crimes did I commit that would justify having this mass-media blasted into my consciousness? Maybe call it delightful pain, I don’t know.

The terror clown idols who have now spent several days as my absolute personal obsession on three different occasions, the literal stuff of nightmarish carnival hellscapes getting caught making out with some easily impressionable doe-eyed idol candidate behind the calliope. They really only ever release stuff in the same month as a blue moon or something, so these are an absolute treat to get.

“Suicide Story”!:

“Mechanical Chronicle”!:

You don’t have to dig the sound to appreciate what they’re up to here. This is amazing work.

Also, if you remember what Bokurano looked like when they released that MV for “Pandora’s Song” way back when, know that they’re not quite the same group anymore. I had stopped paying full-time attention when Ruru and Mickey graduated a few months ago, I’ll admit, so I don’t know what happened to Saya. Sad!

But this is excellent. May it presage way, way more terrifyingly violent circus music.

*The piece was originally titled “jveavkl!v ehkalv;eaehkle” after the stroke I had when I saw that these were real videos. That’s bad for SEO and doesn’t translate well into Japanese, so I changed it.

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