What Better Friday Fun Than Hearing Idols Ruin Your Favorites?

First off an apology; things have been a bit hectic what with job hunting, some art projects and my own personal health going down the drain, hence why I wasn’t around last week nor for that dramatic conclusion to the Hello! Project Samurai War! I’m not setting a good example as the Homicidol Gremlin at all! And to think, Maniac is still bitter about me winning the Alt Idol Podcast Zenkimi giveaway and not sharing my precious loot (It’s okay Maniac; I’ll send you a photo of my Megumi wristband so you can print it off and stick it to your arm, so it’s sort of the same thing, right?) and then I go and disappear too! Honestly though, I think you all needed a break from me anyway.

But luckily, Maniac was an excellent sport in setting up last week’s Friday Fun, and you were all excellent sports in participating!

This week’s Friday Fun is something that’s been on my mind ever since #UpcomingAltIdolEvents, especially since some of the suggestions we got could very well fit into this week’s hashtag. But really, this is just an excuse to post BiS’ cover of “Suki Suki Daisuki” once again.

Sorry if Avex are still being butts

As you can (hopefully) see, we’ve got some great cover songs coming from the world of alternative idols the past couple of years. If they are better than the original is something for you to debate in another hashtag, but basically, covers exist. As someone who was already a Togawa Jun fangirl when I discovered BiS, that “Suki Suki Daisuki” cover was what ultimately made me fall in love with them. So, there’s got to be more great cover songs yet to be made, right? There could also be terrible ideas for covers, let’s share them too!

This week, I want you all to tweet us all your ideas for songs to be covered by the Homicidols elite. Any song is up for covering! Anime themes! Top 40 hits! The obscure cassette tape you found in your aunt’s attic! Send your ideas to #IdolCoversIdLikeToHear and the best will be shown next week as usual.

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