What Are Your Mid-year Contenders for the Best of 2017?

Hey team, as you may have known, we did a little thing at the end of last year with a big ol’ community award thing for the Best of 2016. It was an absolute WACK bloodbath! Babymetal got completely shut out! I had lots of contrary opinions!

Well, Kerrie’s been compiling 2017 nominations going back a couple of months now, and we’d like your input, too.

The only real rules are:

  • Per suggestions, “2017” is really “December 2016 to December 2017,” which lets us open the door a little wider. It does mean that stuff released late in the year won’t be considered (until 2018, at least), but that’s what you get when Dec. 26 is somehow an acceptable idea for putting out a CD.
  • Just be sensible. Obviously talk up things that you personally really like, but think of the bigger picture a little bit, too. Also remember that this isn’t an alt-site necessarily, but a rock-sound-and-yeah-okay-some-alt-stuff-too-site.

Go add stuff if you haven’t already. And thank Kerrie for being way ahead of the game on this one. It’s open all the time, but I wanted to ask for a little push from you all before we get into Queen of the Scene.

Oh right. Doing that next week. Watch out for a separate post in the next couple of days.