What Are You Doing Tomorrow for #NewIdolArmy?

I told you that I was gonna hump the hell out of this! And hump I shall. Yes, friends, tomorrow is the big day, the day we turn social media black and white in honor of the return of BiS. Your shirts, hats, print-outs, profile pictures, banners and so help us all whatever else you come up with will go right toward BiS, making a gigantic statement that we might not be in Japan, but we’re out in support and please come tour our countries!.

Download the poster! And go read Brian’s original post!

For if you want to turn your own Twitter/Facebook/whatever profiles IDOL:

And remember, we’re trying to organize a similar effort for PassCode’s “MISS UNLIMITED” and seeking feedback!

I’m going to open a thread in the Idolmetal group in the wee hours of Friday morning, and everyone who isn’t on Twitter is encouraged to post their pics there; I’ll move them to Twitter along with any short message you want to send.

And if you are on Twitter, remember to include @BiSidol when you’re showing off your pics!

And regardless of media, remember to include #NewIdolArmy!

So what do you have planned?

Personally, in addition to turning the official Homicidols.com social profile images over to IDOL, I’m going to IDOL up my workspace. My co-workers already think I’m a weirdo, so it should barely be noticed! I’ll also try to include some local flavor, so to speak. Hopefully, my photos are fun for them!

But just as suggestions:

  • You can, like me, vigorously add the IDOL poster to your home and/or workspace.
  • Got a car? Bike? Go-kart? Etc.? How good would it look with IDOL on it?
  • Do you live near significant national landmarks? Do your photos there! Including the landmarks, of course.
  • Do you have or even simply know small children? Who better to show BiS some love than the easily corrupted!
  • Shaving IDOL into your animal companion’s fur has never had more purpose!
  • Family members, even strangers, would probably love to have their photos taken holding the poster, too!

Basically, if you can think of it, do it. This is BiS that we’re talking about; while I don’t encourage nudity, nobody’s going to look askance at body paint or strategically placed posters and the like. There are almost no boundaries at all!

Share your ideas in the comments to jump start the creative juices of the others taking part!

One thought on “What Are You Doing Tomorrow for #NewIdolArmy?

  1. It’s too dark and cold to take a photo, so I hastily threw a bunch of iconic Canadian things into a 5-member WACK promo photo type thing. Then I messed up when I posted it so the hashtag didn’t link, so I hastily made a picture of a bear wearing an IDOL hat and sent it to Kika for good measure. I forgot to mention Canada in the second tweet, so a poor showing all around.
    I also tagged Watanabe both times, because I like the idea of pestering him on social media.

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