We’re Doing 50 YMM MVs in 50 days

ゆるめるモ!  You’ll Melt More!  Yurumerumo! Ewe Rue Merry Moor!  However you say their name, and the last one’s probably just me, everyone’s favourite genre-hopping popsters have sure made a lot of music videos in a career in stretching over more than seven years – weathered veterans in idol terms.  It’s difficult to pin down a total depending on what you count as a proper music video but we reckon there’s about fifty.  Probably fifty-two by the time you read to the end of this article.   And because we here at homicidols dot com love You’ll Melt More! we’re going to spend the next six-and-a-bit weeks talking about every single one.

Outside of the 48g and H!P behemoths who else has managed so many music videos?  Certainly no-one we cover here, anyway.  And there are alternate versions and how-to-dance videos and other stuff which we haven’t even included in the total!  For an idol group to reach this incredible MV count, they need to be (a) unusually long-lived and (b) really like making a lot of music videos.

So, if you’re a fan, join us on our peerless pop pentecost as we relive all the old favourites, one day at a time.  If you’re not a fan, then definitely come with us as we bring you up to speed on your soon-to-be favourite new group.  And remember, if you don’t like one song, the next one probably sounds completely different, so stick around for all fifty!