We’re about 10 Days Away from a New DEEP GIRL Video

Or so sayeth the mosh-pit-invading, growl-making Non:

Anniversary show on Aug. 2, with new outfits and the unveiling of a video for “STEREO.” Oh good! I don’t know why they need to change their outfits (the black dresses look nice!), but maybe it’ll be part of a brand update that’ll itself mean that the group will be taken more seriously and given more opportunity by management.

As for “STEREO” … that’s an old song! It’s on the same release as “I kill.” That’s going to be seven months old and counting by the time the video gets into rotation. I’m glad to be getting anything, honestly — activity is activity, after all — but why a video for this new “Sweetness” song that’s being talked about?

Anyway, this is “STEREO,” if you aren’t familiar from before:

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3 thoughts on “We’re about 10 Days Away from a New DEEP GIRL Video

  1. Just a little bit longer till this video. Hopefully it’ll get updated to their YouTube channel. I’m so hyped for this!

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