We’ll Get to Watch the Renewed BiS’s First Performance

This is kind of old news, but I missed my chance to mention it before and yet wanted to make sure that everybody knew — BiS’s BAD SOCiAL TOUR, featuring the addition of PAN LUNA and MOMOLAND, will kick off live on NICO NICO:

Natalie.mu with the details. May 30, 7:30 p.m. JST. Get your membership in order.

This does, I think, come at an interesting time for our little International Idol Fan Community, what with the various frustrations levied toward the renewed BiS for not being quite so BiS-like, or at least not in the way that people (including this guy) expect, and the shade thrown in all directions by people involved in the discussion.

I don’t think the whole “this is idol what is idol what does alt even mean” thing needs to be hashed additionally, let alone re-hashed, and certainly not by me because I only care so much and these tend to be silly sorts of discussions, but: Hey, if Pour Lui wants to go into the “It’s My Life” segment of her career, given all that she’s wrought, whatever; if she still has some real-deal fire saved up for us, good.

But hey, all of that aside, new members! And Saki instead of Aya! And great-as-hell outfits! And “SOCiALiSM,” which is a pretty good song! I think the biggest thing is going to be whether there’s more surprises up Watanabe’s sleeve for this one; nothing will trump the outcome of the WACK Exhibition.

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