Your Homicidols Weekender #330

This past week was an emotional roller coaster, what with Zenkimi’s Budokan performance and indefinite hiatus, so let’s focus on the future instead:

Help Himari Tsukishiro (Isiliel , NECRONOMIDOL) have a happy birthday by contributing to her birthday present.

BABYMETAL dropped several announcements of upcoming US festival appearances including sharing the bill with HANABIE at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival and Aftershock . They also announced several overseas dates in across Asia and Australia.

In other overseas appearance news, Senanan, fashion designer, producer and sometimes idol (Re:RIPLIE , SUDDENDEATH , and ex. Strawberry Syndrome ) will be appearing at Otakon this summer.

Who can be sad when we have new YURAPICO!! #Yurasmile

OG Beni Usakara has a new solo MV and single out as well.

Melancholic Cinderella Story has been putting out some of my favorite stuff of the new year,

The goddesses of ERISU lifted the veil on a new MV. 

Our friends at Chaotic Harmony released the next chapter in their Queer in Japan series featuring Hakua Gozen of Tokyo Psychopath .

We have a new, full album from BLACKNAZARENE .

Don’t get PLANCK STARS wet or feed them after midnight.

We also got a new MV from Plasta label-mates,  Zetsubo no Pomeranians.

The newly family-friend ASP give us a tour final PV.

GANG PARADE went full electro swing.

King Sari also went more upbeat than usual on their latest.

MAZE released a new digital single.

Idolcore is being kept alive by 8bitBRAIN .

ATARASHII GAKKO!! revert to classic form for the latest MV.

It’s our first MV since RILISREVERSE launched their new system.

We haven’t mentioned THE+BETH for a couple of years, but BobIsRandom posted this over on the Homicidols Discord sever , and now I’m wondering if we should have been more attentive.

CYNHN created this unique new MV for their signature song.

Meet EVE Nyan Roller Coaster and her awesome song about going to the dentist in our favorite car.

Over on the Homicidols Discord sever , Ziensa brought our attention to this new song by Eren-chan that is composed by Yoko Hamasaki of URBANGARDE .

One of my favorite names in chika idol: PANDAMIC .

Oshiloss Corner

“Thank you for suffering all over the world.” Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. played the Budokan and officially entered indefinite hiatus.

HULLABALOO posted a “Notice of Explosive Death,” stating, “I will die after 50 days of madness. Thank you for such a great time.”

Yukarin is graduating from Hissatsu Emomomomo7.

Oshifound Corner

Midori Ono (aka Soda formerly of CROSSNOESIS and  Hamidasystem ) is recording new music.

Approval Addiction will reboot on April 1 with new members and a new name, APAD.

Kitokano supposedly held their last live in November, but have started appearing at taibans again.

ano (ex. You’ll Melt More ) made her second appearance on THE FIRST TAKE, so why not show up in PJs?

Have a Good Weekend!