Weekend Livestream Spotlight: TORICAGO, a Graduation and the @ JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL

First things first: TORICAGO is doing a 5:00 a.m. Saturday JST livestream which translates to about 4:00 pm Friday EST in the U.S.  UPDATE:  Event time changed to 4:00 am JST ; 3:00 pm EST. Hopefully you are reading this Friday morning so you can catch that to kick off your weekend right.

The big event this weekend is the @JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL featuring over 100 different idol units of both the traditional and alternative variety on five stages over two days. 

The downside to this event is that tickets must be purchased per stage, per day and run ¥2,500 a piece. To help you pick your stages wisely, here’s a breakdown of who is appearing where and when (please note: acts are being added and substituted even as I write this, so the following is is no way a definitive list).

Saturday, 8/29 (JST)

> Red Stage (Yokohama MM Bronth)

 DESURABBITS  / nuance / dela / Sakura Cinderella / At seventeen / iketeru hearts / cruise~CRUiSE! / Serena Kozuki / Seishun Youth Academy / Tsubomi Daikakumei

> Blue Stage (AkibaCultures)

 QUEENS  / CYNHN / Jewel☆Rouge / CoverGirls / Tebasaki sensation / Lily of the valley / Awww! / You Kikkawa / Yufu Terashima / BYOB

> Yellow Stage (Shirokanetakanawa SELENE)

WILL-O’ / Pimmʼs / Akishibu project / Junjō no Afilia / Chu-Z / BenjaminJasmine / Jewel☆Ciel / DEAR KISS / B.O.L.T / Luce Twinkle Wink☆

> Green Stage (Zepp Tokyo)

CY8ER / predia / upupgirls (2)  / Osaka☆Syunkasyuto / Dance for Philosophy / nijurokuji no masquerade / Band Ja Naimon! MAXX NAKAYOSHI / MAGiCAL PUNCHLiNE / Purple Ash / AKB48 / AKB48 Team 8

> Purple Stage (Zepp DiverCity)

sora tob sakana /Task have Fun / Devil ANTHEM. / AYUMIKURIKAMAKI / 22/7 / NGT48 / Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku / Chou3Precede / Masshiro na Kyanbasu / Ange☆Reve / American flag / S.T.O (@JAM navigator unit)

Sunday, 8/30 (JST)

> Red Stage (Yokohama MM Bronth)

Jyujyu / NILKLY / wyenra / upupgirls-prowrestling / Kyusyu Joshiyoku / KRD8 / Sakuyakonohana / SAY-LA / buGG / READY TO KISS

> Blue Stage (AkibaCultures)

 GuGu-LuLu / meme tokyo. / ENGAG.ING / Full Power Girls R / DREAMING MONSTER / Yamakatsu / kolme / NICHOME NO SAKIGAKE COMINGOUT / Fragrant Drive

> Yellow Stage (Shirokanetakanawa SELENE)

MIGMA SHELTER / Malcolm Mask McLaren / notall / LinQ / CROWN POP / Jewel☆Neige / Lovely☆DOLL / Qumali Depart / Shinshi todoroku, gekijo no gotoku / Yumemiru Adolescence

> Green Stage (Zepp Tokyo)

=LOVE / HKT48 / Tokyo Girls’ Style / ≠ME / Chiaki Mayumura / Idolcollege / tenkoushoujo* / Tokyo Performance Doll / maneki kecak

> Purple Stage (Zepp DiverCity)

ukka / SUPER☆GiRLS / Dempagumi.inc / NIJI NO CONQUISTADOR / FES☆TIVE / Appare! / upupgirlskakkokari / Kirameki☆Anforent / Last Idol Rukarina (@JAM navigator unit)

Tickets are available from a number of different outlets including ZAIKO who accept PayPal.

If you still aren’t idoled out after all that, like so many other schools this year, Sakura Gakuin is holding their annual graduation ceremony online. 

Sure, SG are tradol, but many of us have a warm place in our hearts for them as the birthplace of BABYMETAL and all that is well and good in idol. Plus, they made the effort to do outreach to the English speaking world and even set up a English language web page for ticket purchases via Ticket Pia. 

Yes, the same Ticket Pia that won’t accept foreign credit cards for the PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS livestreams works just fine processing foreign credit cards for Sakura Gakuin. The only problems foreign fans had with buying SG tickets were fixed by using a different browser. This means the restrictions placed on foreign cards purchasing tickets for WACK shows aren’t coming from Ticket Pia. I’m looking at you, Wantanabe.

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    • You are correct and I have updated the article accordingly. Please don’t fire me Maniac. After all, I have it on good authority that time is just an illusion.

      UPDATE: Event time changed to 4am JST ; 3pm EST

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