Weekend Livestream Spotlight: NECROMA + Cinema & Boy CQ, FruPoche, MANACLE, MELON BAT and a Birthday Bash

The weekend is supposed to be a time for relaxation, not uncertainty and difficult decision making. Unfortunately, there’s a fair share of both on The Calendar for this weekend.  We’re still awaiting ticketing details on a few promised shows while several A-listers are streaming lives head-to-head. I mean, it’s nice to have so many options but, a person should not be put in the position of having to choose between MANACLE, FRUITPOCHETTE and MELON BAT. That’s just cruel.

For a preview of the next few days of torment, here’s some of what’s being livestreamed from Japan this weekend:

Homicidol’s favorite dark idols are booked on the same stage as our favorite art idols in a potential contender for Live of the Year. NECRONOMIDOL and Cinema and Boy CQ  split the ticket in santa sangre vol. 1.

Derek of Idol Underworld is having a birthday party and we’re all invited!! Part one of the festivities features XOXO EXTREME, Okinawa Electric Girl Saya and more while part two includes XTEEN, MERRY BAD END, ZOMBIE POWDER and thorn.

The 8/23 debut live of Okaki, Rei and Hina’s new unit, MANACLE, should be livestreamed. We are still awaiting details.

UPDATE: The MANACLE debut has, unfortunately, been postponed due to illness of one of the members.

At the exact same time, chika idol legends FRUITPOCHETTE and HimeKyunFruitCan  have promised to livestream their show, There is no wealth but life. They have also yet to release ticketing info. We will update The Calendar as soon as we see any information on either event.

If the MANACLE or FRUITPOCHETTE tickets don’t come through, then it’s an easy decision to join MELON BATAKE a gogo for their to IDOLS to US to YOU mini album release party. They promise to unveil new costumes.

 Then be sure to close out your weekend by catching  BiSH on NHK World’s Songs of Tokyo

For more events or updates on the above, visit The Calendar anytime.